Learning How To Be a Parent

Becoming a parent is easy for most people, in fact often times it happens by accident. Although learning to be a parent is the most difficult thing I've ever done. There are so many things you want for your kids, you want to be everything for them, take every struggle every heartache and every discomfort… Continue reading Learning How To Be a Parent

Just Being Enough

Somedays you wake up and feel behind even before the sun warms the sky. The tasks before you feel weighted and heavy. You doubt yourself before the first little face cracks open your bedroom door to crawl into bed next to you. You already feel behind in life, and you are going through all the… Continue reading Just Being Enough

New Year Same Me

New year new me, how many people see this flooding through their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feed. Pictures of celebrities and friends bettering their lives, cleaner eating, more exercise, more time for family. That often leaves some of us in the dust thinking what can I do I want to lose some extra pounds, I… Continue reading New Year Same Me