5 Tips to Slaying The Stay At Home Mom Way

There are many moms out their who would love to stay at home with their little ones all day. There are also many moms who get the chance to stay with their little ones. Even though SAHMs (stay at home moms) don't want to leave their precious precocious little angels in anyone else's care, most… Continue reading 5 Tips to Slaying The Stay At Home Mom Way

Dealing with Depressive Episodes

I suffer from Bi-polar disorder and that makes it pretty hard to be a parent. Unfortunately I also have PTSD which means I have a lot more triggers than most Bi-polar diagnosed mothers. Having BP and learning how to manage your own life is so very difficult, when you throw children in to the mix… Continue reading Dealing with Depressive Episodes

Frugal Fun

Everyone is on a budget,  some of us just happen to have a tight budget! Being frugal and giving my kiddos all the life experiences I can offer sometimes just does not mix. We have so many fun things to do around here, which is a blessing for my family, but a curse for my… Continue reading Frugal Fun

Money Problems

I have been out of work for 3 months now, our savings have been depleted. It's so scary that we have little to no money! I have even tried applying for transcribing jobs, online marketing, work at home. Nothing is a match for me, I almost don't feel good enough. Between my morning sickness and… Continue reading Money Problems