Sleeping Through the Night

Recently we have been trying to night wean our tiny titties eater. It is hard to know the difference between a hungry baby and a baby who just wants to cuddle. My husband has a hard time just letting the little one be. If he's making a noise it means he needs to come to… Continue reading Sleeping Through the Night

Rainbow Pregnancy

Being pregnant is an amazing adventure. There are so many bright sides to pregnancy especially after the heart-wrenching adventure of losing a child before birth.  I have no problem with getting pregnant but after four miscarriages, it is obvious that I have a problem keeping my children with me through pregnancy. Which is something I… Continue reading Rainbow Pregnancy

Money Problems

I have been out of work for 3 months now, our savings have been depleted. It's so scary that we have little to no money! I have even tried applying for transcribing jobs, online marketing, work at home. Nothing is a match for me, I almost don't feel good enough. Between my morning sickness and… Continue reading Money Problems