How do you lose weight when you have a mental disorder?

As anyone who follows my blog knows I have bi-polar disorder and PTSD. These are the main causes for all of my excuses and It’s what I seem to blame whenever anything goes wrong. Now don’t get me wrong, living with any mental disorder is a CHALLENGE, I believe anyone who is dealing with any mental disorder is a warrior! Nonetheless one of my biggest challenges is not to blame my misconduct or short comings on my mental disorders.

Now where I use the excuse of my mental disorders the most is when it comes to my weight. I have ALWAYS been a big girl. I contribute that a lot to my overeating during depressive episodes but I have really been conscious of my eating lately, and no matter what my mood I am overeating. I really like food. Pizza, pasta, donuts, sushi, I LOVE it all. I could eat, and eat, then when I can’t eat anymore I wait five minutes and can eat more.

So? How do you lose weight? Well, I don’t know. I have tried every fad diet out there and they all leave me moody and lethargic and just gross. Hopefully one day I will get shocked by lightning (without dying) and become the healthiest eating person around! Until then I will stay fat. At least my moods will stay stable.

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