5 Tips to Slaying The Stay At Home Mom Way

There are many moms out their who would love to stay at home with their little ones all day. There are also many moms who get the chance to stay with their little ones. Even though SAHMs (stay at home moms) don’t want to leave their precious precocious little angels in anyone else’s care, most days it is one of the hardest jobs in the world especially when you are outnumbered, outsmarted, and three decades behind on your child’s energy level. Every SAHM needs a little help some time and here are my 5 best tips to Slaying as a SAHM.

Number 1: Early Bedtime

I always try to put my kids to bed at least an hour before I’m planning on going to bed. There are a couple reasons why I do this. Going to bed earlier is better for their health and actually helps them sleep better longer, so no waking up to grumpy kids in the morning. However the big winner for me is I get in 10 minutes of tidying uninterrupted which as we all know is like an hour in the middle of the day, and I get about an hour of my day to do whatever my tired mommy heart desires. There is almost nothing better in the world to sit down on your couch in front of your TV with your feet on the coffee table and eating that extra piece of dessert you saved all night.

Number 2: Make Your Bed

I know this seems a little overplayed, we have all seen the inspirational videos about making your bed. Some people literally can’t function with out it. As for me I despise making my bed. For the longest time my mantra was it is just going to get messed up tonight. Nonetheless I tried it for a week and every single time I walked past my bedroom with dirty clothes in the floor and shoes spilling from the closet I would always think I had my life a little bit more together. Also in the short time it takes you to complete the mindless task it has me gearing up for being up and awake and ready to take on the strenuous morning routine.

Number 3: Enlist Your Child In Your Fight Against House Work

Here is a slightly controversial part of my parenting, If you are old enough to navigate a tablet you are plenty old enough to help with chores. Now my kids have been assigned small things to do every day since they were teeny tiny. Helping me do chores has been some of the funnest memories I have believe it or not. Watching my kids fold a sheet for the first time using the team work method was heart warming! I also set the expectation with my kids you make a mess you clean it up. I’ll help when asked but only when asked. I believe this helps cultivate problem solving skills and gives them some responsibility while giving them a sense of accomplishment. If they can clean it themselves without you (even if it’s not perfect) they have the confidence to spare. We also never clean our kids’ room for them, although sometimes with them but my 3 year old has cleaned his room on his own so they are never to young to start learning how to be self sufficient. While you are teaching them these values it can be a bit tricky but keep at it and you will have a happier cleaner home.

Number 4: Don’t Stress About Things That Are Out Of Your Control

You can control what’s for dinner, you can control what activities your children sign up for, you cannot however control the fact that Stacey’s birthday was last month and she got her own cell phone and if your princess doesn’t get a cell phone she will be eternally left out of the loop. It might sound silly but these are the concerns I had as a mom that consumed me when my kids started school. Will they make friends, will they be made fun of. As heartless as it sounds it’s not your problem. If your child comes to you with a complaint definitely step to your children and help them find the best solution possible. Also your husbands issues are not your problem be there as a sounding board as a support system, but never try to obsess about your families problems. The best thing you can do is focus on what you can control inside your house. If your family has a happy place to retreat to where they are loved and cherished everything will work out for them in the end.

Number 5: Care For Your Self

Most momma’s cannot fathom taking out any part of their day to take care of their needs. I still struggle with this daily, sometimes hourly! You MUST MUST MUST keep trying. Try to start early in the morning to put you in the mind set to continue thinking of you for the day, plus if the kids are still a sleep it helps you to regain your patience and help them to take care of themselves. Some easy morning routines that help you take care of yourself can be easy, going for a 15 minute walk or 10 minute jog, taking a quick shower, or even something as simple as putting on moisturizer when done first thing in the morning can renew you, so you have more of you too give to everyone else.

Even if you don’t follow any of these tips just remember as a SAHM you are the heart of the home you can only stretch so far and you don’t have to do it all on your own.

With love,


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