Sleeping Through the Night

Recently we have been trying to night wean our tiny titties eater. It is hard to know the difference between a hungry baby and a baby who just wants to cuddle. My husband has a hard time just letting the little one be. If he’s making a noise it means he needs to come to the boob, It’s difficult for me to make the effort to correct the behavior when I’m trying to sleep. I just often cuddle him to the boob and we fall back asleep. I am okay with that until a half hour rolls by and I have baby feet up my nose. Then I have to roll my fat ass over and stumble to the crib with the baby in hand, blind as a bat and equilibrium shifting. I’m lucky enough to have a great husband who will take time to help me through the night if I ask. I always feel guilty asking though.

I wish that I knew how best to help that sweet angel sleep through the night. There isn’t any easy answer to parenting. My baby boy is an easy little happy baby, but that doesn’t mean he will always be easy and I want to help him with his development even though it is so easy to just cuddle him, take all his fears away and making him feel comfortable. I hope that as time goes by, I can be string for him and help him to be more independent.

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