Guilty Mommies

Hi everyone I would like to introduce myself, I am a guilty mom. I am guilty of so many things I have so many problems I face daily. So many of these problems and obstacles make me feel guilty, like no matter how hard I could be trying at some points I am a bad mom. Does anyone else ever feel this way?! GOOD. For a second I thought it was just me.

Every day moms struggle with so many issues and choices gone are the childhood days of having everything decided for you. Before even going through the mom stuff being an adult is not easy. Everything about growing up for me was hard and then adding the responsibility of being an adult on top of that. I swear I am surprised that I can keep myself alive and thriving, let alone a whole household, husband and children included.

Sometimes there is no way for woman too know what is going to work best, for themselves, or their family all we can do is take the plunge. I wake up  in the morning thinking my 6 hours of sleep I got the night before is going to help me wake up in the morning an hour before my children so I can start laundry and cook breakfast. Maybe even get real clothes on before the sun comes up. In reality I am lucky if I have pajamas up and my hair out of my face before noon. I often take to lying in my bed an extra 30 minutes on my phone, before waking up and rushing my babies to school.

Most days this does not phase me, I am doing what I can where I can and at the time I am perfectly alright with that. Then when I look into my week I feel awful! I take time to just beat myself up, and that doesn’t make me feel any better. Nonetheless, I look back on the 3 mornings in a row my kids had cold cereal for breakfast or the fact that they went to bed without a bath. The disappointment of not sending them to school with a freshly laundered and ironed school clothes. I take time to beat myself up for making Hamburger Helper instead of homemade food that isn’t processed.

There are so many things that we take advantage of that make our lives easier and more convenient and yet as a mom and a wife I beat myself up constantly for using these things. I often forget though that being a mom is hard, and being a wife can be even harder! So too guilty mommies all over the world remember you should only worry about making sure you and your family is safe, happy, and healthy. So take shortcuts, make mistakes, and eat chocolate in the bathroom by yourself on the floor. It’s crucial to your health.

Remember, you are doing a great job. Keep it up.

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