Frugal Fun

Everyone is on a budget,  some of us just happen to have a tight budget! Being frugal and giving my kiddos all the life experiences I can offer sometimes just does not mix. We have so many fun things to do around here, which is a blessing for my family, but a curse for my pocketbook. From rock climbing gyms to bouncy house parks entertaining children can get really expensive! Luckily I have finally found some really great money saving ways to keep the kiddos entertained through the summer.

Family Friendly Activities

There are ways you can keep your kiddos entertained for cheap or free! Some of the cheapest ways I have found to keep my family entertained is cheap membership deals!! My favorite memberships are local rec centers, local swimming pools, and Groupon! I spend $300 a year for my famlies memberships and we definitely get our monies worth! The trick to getting the most out of your memberships is use it on a schedule. Example: Monday go to the pool, Tuesday go to the Library, and so on. Although my favorite things by far are FREE activities! I have a few go to places such as the splash pads, the library, and the park. My biggest hack for finding free events is checking social media and following your favorite family fun places! I check Facebook every Sunday and make a list of fun events that are going on in the community. More often than not those events are free.


My next huge money saver is, bring your own food!! I am guilty of taking one to many turns into the nearest drive-through while my kids are screaming in the back seat, and while $8-$12 doesn’t seem so bad it adds up QUICK. It takes me 10 minutes to pack lunch from my home and I have become pretty creative. I’m also lucky that my kids aren’t sick of sandwiches. There are some tricks I’ve learned that make it cheap and easy for me. Pack lots of fruit and vegetables your kids actually like (don’t forget the dips). Use Tupperware anything that you can wash and re-use is going to be your friend. Now my favorite trick is bringing your juice from your fridge! Let’s be honest it hurts to pay a few dollars more for boxed and pouched juices. I have found the best lifesaver for my family! MASON JARS! They are tough and durable and the best part of all washable!

Most Importantly

Have fun with your babies. Put away the phone and hone in on the amazing little people you are raising it makes all the work worth it.

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