Money Problems

I have been out of work for 3 months now, our savings have been depleted. It’s so scary that we have little to no money! I have even tried applying for transcribing jobs, online marketing, work at home. Nothing is a match for me, I almost don’t feel good enough. Between my morning sickness and my PTSD, I don’t feel comfortable commuting to an office job. Also, hours are so hard to work out when you have little kids at home. I have to be paid 20 dollars an hour to profit minimum wage!! What kind of bullshit is that!

In this generation, you HAVE to have two incomes in order to support a family my husband has a “good” job but is still making 30,000 dollars a year in a place where housing is 300,000-450,000 for a home.  It makes me feel so shitty that I can’t have a job and pay for daycare and be able to even break even. There is some legitimate work at home opportunities.

We will be okay though it will all work out somehow, some way! (probably by filing bankruptcy)

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