Pregnancy (1st trimester)


Guys this is rough! I have been constantly nauseous for the last 3 weeks. I am glad that it finally seems to be subsiding enough for me to take some time for myself. I feel for all you ladies who have to deal with all the time sickness! Some of the things they don’t mention during those beautiful parenting books are how extremely uncomfortable you are. I will definitely have to add a special blessing for all the brave woman giving their all as mothers and mothers to be. I am going to use this entry to keep you up to date on what I’m feeling how I’m feeling and give you an honest look into what pregnancy can be like for some people. Please remember each pregnancy is different and I can only give you my experiences.


2-8 Weeks

Figuring out how far along you are is not near as simple as I thought originally! My first two pregnancies were unplanned I went to the doctor for them to tell me how far along I was. After my last period I was still on birth control I had an IUD and had it removed the 24th of May. On June 3rd I took an at home pregnancy test and it was positive! (YAY) I almost can’t believe how quickly it happened. I knew around May 30th I was pregnant because of my cervix (which I check regularly) being elongated and high. What confused me is by that time I was already 4 weeks along? What? I had only been able to even get pregnant for 2 weeks! Everything goes off of your last period. So track your periods! It’s a lot more important than I originally thought.

Receiving the news that I was pregnant was exciting for my amazing husband. He tried to control his excitement because of the previous miscarriages.  To him, it won’t be real until we get in for our 12-week ultrasound. Here’s the kicker ladies, no matter how hard it is for you to not have your partner excited, you need to let him process his emotions his way. I still keep him involved sending weekly articles on the baby’s progress, just showing him that I am confident and not concerned, even though I am always scared of having a miscarriage every time I conceive. Reaching 6 weeks for me has been an extreme relief.

The start of 6 weeks almost on the dot, I have spent so much time on the bathroom floor I have noticed and cleaned things I probably never would have! The slightest smells make me sick food makes me sick. WATER makes me sick! One thing they don’t tell you is how miserable you are during morning sickness. I was under the impression it comes on suddenly then you are alright for the rest of the day. NO! Not even close, it is constant! The other thing they don’t tell you is it doesn’t matter if you don’t eat anything, YOU WILL throw up anyway! There is nothing worse than throwing up on an empty stomach, all that comes out is seafoam it looks and feels awful. So please try to eat something small. My go to have been cheese its and goldfish! We also went on a road trip to Santa Monica during this time. I have to say don’t miss out on fun adventures because of fear. Do not do more than you can do. Let people know your limitations. BUT do not let yourself miss out on making memories. I got to be with my husband as he saw the ocean for the first time and swam in the ocean for the first time with him! Then got to take a nap on the shore with the sound of the waves. It was a really great vacation that I almost talked myself out of.

We have made it! 8 weeks! WOOT WOOT! My worries of miscarriage have faded quite a bit. I am excited to say that my morning sickness seems to be under control starches and carbs have been my saving grace. I cannot eat a vegetable for the life of me. I am still throwing up but not all day every day. Nausea is still a problem and smells get to me. The amount of bloating that I have is crazy. I am also starting to realize at 220 pounds it will be a lot different from a pregnancy than my last two at 140 pounds. It makes me sad to think I may not be able to feel my baby move around like I did with my other two. I have a doctors appointment in 4 days and I am so so excited!

Weeks 9-12

Oh, my good lord. These past few weeks have been a roller coaster ride of hormones, and emotions that no rational person could ever understand. It feels like I’m Jack Jack from The Incredibles without any of the cool superpowers, and no one is feeding me any cookies. I have tried to stay slightly secluded which makes me a little down but when I’m in a crowd of people, my anxiety gets so extremely high I feel like I might be having a panic attack. Which makes me feel foolish and then everything just continues to spiral from there. I am so irritable, even with strangers I just have no patience, I’m like a completely different person.

On the physical side of things, I am exhausted, all the time. I have never been someone who is just able to take a nap in the middle of the day. This pregnancy drop me where I lie and I will sleep for an hour guaranteed! I can fall asleep in the middle of a small house with screaming children in the middle of a family reunion. (Yes, true story.) The incredible exhaustion is unreal.

As far as morning sickness goes we are still working through how to make mine better. My biggest contributor to my constant nausea is gas! I have so much gas lately, the worst part is I’m never sure if I’m going to burp or throw up, it’s a surprise every single time. One thing that is new for this pregnancy is the gastral intestinal issues! And yes, I’m talking about flatulence and pooping! Goodness, I wish someone would warn me that my third pregnancy could be so much different than the first two!

I am going on a trip to see my BFF this week. Wish me luck!


1 thought on “Pregnancy (1st trimester)”

  1. Congratulations! Those early weeks are hard when you’ve experienced a miscarriage. I’m sorry. And ugh, nausea!! Haha, too funny that you’re thinking about cleaning because you’ve spent more time on the floor. 😛


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