Feeling overwhelmed?


I wonder if everyone feels a little lost at times. I feel like I am running around with my head stuck on the floor eyes glued to the pieces of oats on my floor from overzealous granola bar eaters. Never taking time to look up and see the big picture. I am constantly focused on how messy something is or how many things I need to do in one day. Breakfast, Clothes, Teeth, . . . . Have either of the kids pooped today? Have they pooped this week?!? Gymnastics, School, (shoot!! I forgot the bake sale.) Bye guys have a good day deep. Breathe. Go home start picking toys of the floor, vacuum, do the dishes. Then right there staring from the counter my children’s’ lunch. You are getting this picture right. I AM UNORGANIZED (and failing everywhere I turn)

I am sure it’s not just me that feels like they are working so hard and still missing the little things. I can’t remember my kids’ friends names I don’t know what activities I have committed to this week. Being a household with two working parents is hard. I don’t remember the last time me and my husband had a meaningful conversation. I am going through life on auto pilot and never taking a break. I think I have found the root source to all of my problems.


That’s what I have decided is the root cause of this evil I don’t know how to manage my time and until yesterday I had no idea where to even start. I have so many dreams and goals and aspiration that I feel like I can never ever reach any of my goals. So I did something so simple that help way more than I thought it would! I wrote it down! That is it I just wrote down all the things I wanted to do in my life. I had over 50 ideas of things I wanted to do none of them unachievable. The greatest thing is that I could groups so many of them. I want to lose weight, get healthy, stop eating out, right down recipes, try new food, exercise daily, run a marathon. All these things were separately scattered across the page. Just like that I am working on 7 of my goals at one time. Can you imagine how good it feels to be able to prioritize what you want in life and then realize it’s all achievable. I suggest you try it out.


It’s okay to feel like you have to much going on that you feel lost or like life has lost it’s glow. Before I took a step back from my own feelings to get an outside view I thought I was depressed and just no longer had any sparkle in my life. If you take a step back and ask for a close friends opinion (in this case my husband) you might find out something unexpected. He noticed I was trying to reach these goals but would procrastinate and didn’t have any clear sense of time or direction, He was right (go figure they get it right sometime) and even though I was upset that he seemed to think I was unmotivated he was right. I wasn’t thinking about my long term goals, I realized how much time I’ve wasted doubting myself. I don’t have to do that any more.

Go out and reach your dreams you don’t have to be lost on your own. Don’t forget we are in this together.

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