Just Being Enough

Somedays you wake up and feel behind even before the sun warms the sky. The tasks before you feel weighted and heavy. You doubt yourself before the first little face cracks open your bedroom door to crawl into bed next to you. You already feel behind in life, and you are going through all the reasons why you don’t want to get out of bed that morning, or that day, or maybe ever again.

The sunlight starts to peak through your window but brings no light and no warmth. The first spark of light is when you hear those soft padded feet tread across the floor and that small face peaks into your room. This is the first part of my day and I live for it. This sunshine that feels me with hope. Sadly, it is quickly washed away by my own harshness. I constantly start obsessing over the pile of laundry I left for the next day or what meals need to be prepared, then wait did I run the dishwasher? I’m sure you can all follow my train of thought.

Through the day I continue to worry, am I doing enough am, I putting enough healthy food in front of my children, Is my house clean enough, have I done enough laundry, washed enough dishes, spent enough time on my family and their needs? All of these things make me feel less than like I am not doing what I should be. Like I’m not enough.

That’s completely wrong. I am enough. Here is why. My children love me with all their heart. My husband loves me and cares for me. My neighbors make sure my family is taken care of. My parents are proud of me. My in-laws show me so much acceptance and compassion. Even though I tell myself I am a problem and I do nothing for my family and I could always do more that just simply can’t be the case. If this were true I wouldn’t be surrounded by people who love me and care for me.

I am enough for my family, my friends, and my neighbors, therefore I am enough for me. It’s always nice to try to reach a goal that helps raise you up but stop putting yourself down. If you don’t reach a goal keep trying, never give up, never stop trying. Always remember you are you and you are enough.


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