New Year Same Me

New year new me, how many people see this flooding through their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feed. Pictures of celebrities and friends bettering their lives, cleaner eating, more exercise, more time for family. That often leaves some of us in the dust thinking what can I do I want to lose some extra pounds, I want to post more pictures, I want to exercise more, I want to take my family on vacation. We are more often than not beating ourselves up about the things we want to do and want to change in the new year.

I would encourage everyone to stop. Stop telling yourselves you need to do more. We need to realize that through the year we have been doing everything we can to help our families and our friends. We give up time, patience, and our own sanity. All for the greater good of everyone else. Take time to look at how selfless that makes you. Take time to appreciate you, and everything you do for others.

Now if there is one thing we need to change through this new year, we need to be nicer to ourselves. Yup, that’s right be nicer to yourself. Acknowledge the little things you do. Stop using all the negative things to put yourself down. If you wouldn’t say it to anyone else do not say it to yourself. More often than not we are our biggest enemy. We hold ourselves back.

Start rewarding yourself for the “little” things. Those “little” things you do help run your life and your families life. More often than not I hated doing chores growing up I didn’t want to fold laundry or clean the bathroom, and trying to get me to do the dishes as a child would’ve drove any poor mother insane (thanks mom). So when I had to do these things as a new mother I dreaded them. Then the more I realized that if I treated myself like the children and promised myself a treat after finishing something unpleasant I started to enjoyed it. I would let myself watch my favorite movie after everyone went to bed, or grab an extra slice of cheesecake, or actually go to bed after the kids went to bed. None of those rewards are things that you can’t do and the more I did them the less I dreaded tidying up, and while it still isn’t a habit for me, It gets done more frequently.

This new year I encourage you to be kinder to yourself be nicer to yourself and if you fail at your goals just try again. Stop the unkind words, stop he unfair judgment. You are enough new year same amazing you.

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