Have been doing well lately. I can’t really sugarcoat it and what’s the point of a Blog if you try to lie and make things smell like roses or I guess in this case look like roses? I just can’t seem to understand why fathers don’t understand the capacity of love That mothers understand and I also don’t understand why they don’t see the difference in the types of love. I’m not saying that Mother’s Love More and Father’s Love less I’m just saying that the capacity in which each one of us loves is 100% different and neither one is good and or bad. I just wish that when somebody shows concern for their children that the other parent would reciprocate that I’m be able to make them feel comfortable because usually all it takes is 5 minutes. This week I have been elbowed out of my kids is life completely I have had dark days for 8 out of the last 14 days and I miss them so much and I worry about them so much. And their father shows so little consideration that I don’t even believe that he would call me if they were in trouble if they were in the hospital or if something happened to them. This drives my anxiety through the roof and get some point where I’m so agitated that I don’t sleep at night I wake up and have water splash on my face at 2 a.m. Because I woke up from a dead sleep with my heart pounding and my head beating. I just pray constantly that they’re okay and not having any confirmation that they’re okay it’s so hard. I called them 3 times in two and a half weeks and their dad says that I am overbearing and I am drama and I need to calm down and stay out of their lives he says that I’m a bad mom because I’m caring about them and I just want to have them take 5 minutes. Not even five minutes of Peace mind you five minutes between the both of them and it’s hard so hard. And it’s not like I don’t extend him the same courtesy I have even begged him to call his children multiple times straight-up begged him to talk to them but yet he won’t even let me talk to my children. I just wish people showed each other kindness.

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