Roller coasters aren’t always fun.

I haven’t been on any social media and my primary form of communication has been a “dumb” phone. which has extremely limited my accesibility to the internet and to my blog. I have had the most roller coaster of a week. I am going to go about it day by day. I want everyone to keep in mind that I am always looking at the good but sometimes the bad just wont go away. The ups and downs of this week do happen to all of us sometimes.

Monday I go and get my babies in the morning and we go to the store to buy stuff for making pasta salad and cupcakes for the next days barbecue and as we are at the store my baby boy who hasn’t had an accident all month poops in the middle of the store poop running down his poor little leg. I felt so bad for him luckily we were able to buy him new clothes at the walmart and get him all cleaned up and was able to go and play with dogs at the pound we walked through balls and cuddled adorable pit bulls until a black lab jumped up on me knocked my phone to the ground where it hit facedown on the only rock on the pavement. Luckily the kids got to play with the neighbor kids most of the evening after a well deserved nap for all of us (graves are going to kill me) My flu still hadn’t let up buy that night and even though it was my first night in my bed probably got a total of four hours of sleep.

Tuesday starts a little earlier than usual Kallie is up and cuddling in bed by 5 and Klausin is close behind. We eat the last of the cereal and start making cupcakes. The cupcake batter is to thick and the frosting to runny. (I can’t bake to save my life) The pasta salad turns out super well and we have that for lunch at about 9 than again with some hot dogs two hours later. We get outside and start playing and Kallie starts screaming literally screaming so bad I think she’s broken something. I run over to where she’s standing and asking her multiple times whats wrong she starts screaming bee over and over again. So I start thinking she got stung. My brain kicks into over drive I need to get her in the car rush her to the ER her father has always told me he’s extremely allergic to bees. I am flipping shit carrying her asking her where it got her she calms down enough by the time we get to the car for her to tell me she had seen one over by the raspberry bush (twenty feet away) okay mom isn’t functioning well enough for a heart attack it’s nap time. Kids get to play with their friends for about an hour after nap and before the four hour bbq for our ward that the kids LOVED, my social anxiety couldn’t stand up to the test after there was a very rude lady who couldn’t stand in line for 30 seconds without asking why a line full of parents and children isn’t moving and asking people in front of her to “push people” I was uncomfortable and confused I couldn’t handle much more human interaction so I got to play the helicopter mom for a little bit. I love spending extra time with my little man. He is so darn sweet and Kallie makes friends so easily. We ended the night with baths and cuddles.

Wednesday was an extremely good day my husband got that day off breakfast lunch and dinner was all home made. we all went outside and got the garden tilled and fertilized got to go get all of our seeds and starts and got half of our new windows installed. We got to go to the bouncy house park for a few hours and the missionaries came over to teach kids a beautiful lesson about how much they are worth and how much we love them. When Kallie was asked what her favorite thing to do with was her answer was “Help my mom.” and of course Klausin had to follow the lead of the cool big sister. I know that god will protect them and make sure they always feel loved. We ended our day cuddling and watching a movie on our monster bean bag. After putting my kiddos to bed I head to work and I wont get to see them for three whole days and I cry like I do every week. I never let them see and always act super excited for them telling them how much fun they are going to have.

Then Thursday hits and i get my garden planted with the best husband in the entire world he took me out to go get a burger the car stutters while starting and we pop the hood radiator cap wiggled off we go buy a new put it on put in some fluid go to start the car NOTHING. The most disheartening thing of the week and I’m so desensitized to it that I just laugh call a lyft and go home.

Friday after a long day at work I start my day at work then walk home to call the insurance companies and warranty groups I get everything figured out and get a quote about 300 out of pocket I go out to salt lake with a friend run some errands get some yummy coffee eat some bbq and get to show off my handyman skills then call comes in from the mechanic nope looks like 1700 out of pocket. Not going to be able to get started until Tuesday. Now I will be driving around in the expedition (which I hate).

This week has been so up and down I just can’t do anything but pray and have faith in myself and my wonderful family. I literally would not be able to make it through without my wonderful husband and my two perfect children. If there is one thing that i never have a problem with it’s raising my beautiful children and being a parent, and I thank god everyday for blessing me.

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